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Professional Bio

With a rich history as a seasoned loan officer since 1993, Tim Weaver has cultivated a profound understanding that his role transcends mere transactions. It’s about providing personalized guidance to lead clients to mortgage solutions that seamlessly fit into their financial plans. Besides rates, he tailors mortgages to match each client’s financial goals, ultimately reducing interest costs and enhancing financial outcomes.

In mortgage advising, Tim Weaver’s team, including Cameron Weaver, Lindsey Rodriguez, and Rene’e Jerisk, ensures tailored loan programs for clients. Moreover, they offer thorough mortgage education, covering property taxes, insurance, title, closing costs, and tax prorations, with all aspects of building, buying, or refinancing.

While his expertise spans widely across loan products, Tim Weaver’s primary focus over the last three decades has been residential construction lending. Mortgage Originator Magazine and the Scotsman Guide recognize him as a Top 1% mortgage originator. His principle, “Financing the American Dream,” highlights his dedication to aiding clients in achieving their homeownership aspirations. Likewise, he believes in exceeding mortgage norms, aiming to leave a lasting impact on clients’ financial wellness.

Personal Bio 

Outside mortgages, Tim Weaver lives in Oxford, MI, treasuring moments with his wife, Dee, and their children and grandsons. Additionally, he delights in exploring new places, boating on the lake, and cherishing moments with his grandchildren.

Let’s embark on this journey of turning dreams into reality with Tim Weaver.

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