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Tim Weaver

With a rich history as a seasoned loan officer since 1993, I’ve cultivated a profound understanding that my role transcends mere transactions. Instead, it’s about offering personalized advice to guide clients towards the mortgage solutions that seamlessly integrate with their overall financial plans. Beyond selling rates, my focus lies in correctly structuring mortgages to align with each client’s unique financial objectives, ultimately saving them on “Interest.”

In the realm of mortgage advising, my team and I, comprising Cameron Weaver (in the business since 2012), Lindsey Rodriguez (since 2015), and Rene’e Jerisk (since 1990), are committed to ensuring our clients receive loan programs tailored to their needs. We go beyond the transaction, providing comprehensive mortgage education on property taxes, insurance, title, closing costs, tax proration’s, and all aspects involved in the processes of building, buying, or refinancing.

While our expertise spans a wide array of loan products, my primary focus over the last three decades has been in residential construction lending. I take pride in being recognized as one of the Top 1% mortgage originators by Mortgage Originator Magazine and the Scottsman Guide.

My guiding principle, encapsulated in the slogan “Financing the American Dream,” underscores my commitment to helping clients achieve their homeownership goals. I believe in going beyond conventional mortgage services, striving to make a lasting impact on the financial well-being of those I serve.

Away from the world of mortgages, I reside in Oxford, MI, with my wife, Dee, and cherish the time spent with my three grown children and two grandsons. Beyond the confines of my profession, I find joy in exploring new destinations, boating on the lake, and savoring the precious moments with my grandchildren.

Let’s embark on the journey of turning dreams into reality – together, with Tim Weaver.

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