Rates & Fees

Rates & Fees

Personal Banking Accounts Rates

Personal Savings & Checking Account Rates

Effective as of: January 6th, 2020

Interest rates subject to change

AccountInterest Rate APY*
Passbook Savings**0.10% 0.10%
Premium Checking***0.10%0.10%
Statement Savings**0.10% 0.10%
Christmas Club
0.10% 0.10%

Health Savings Account Checking

Health Savings Account CheckingInterest Rate APY*
balance $0.00 - $4,9990.10%0.10%
balance $5,000 - $9,9990.15% 0.15%
balance $10,000 & over0.30% 0.30%

On the Move Checking

On the Move Checking AccountInterest Rate APY*
balance $0.00 - $999.990.00%0.00%
balance $1,000 & over0.10% 0.10%

Hi-Fi Money Markets

Hi-Fi Money Markets AccountInterest Rate APY*
balance $0.00-$14,999.990.10%0.10%
balance $15,000-$99,999.990.25%0.25%
balance $100,000 -$999,999.990.75%0.75%
balance $1,000,000 & over1.25%1.26%

*APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield
**Passbook and Statement Savings require a minimum balance to open of $50.

*** Minimum balance of $10,000 or Minimum balance can be waived if customer maintains one of the following at Dart Bank:
$35,000.00 in savings
$35,000.00 in certificate of deposit
$35,000.00 loan balance

Personal Consumer Loan Rates

Effective as of: September 19, 2019
Interest Rates subject to change

New & Used Automobiles and Light Duty Trucks

New & Used Automobiles & Light Duty TrucksInterest RateAPR*
48 mo.4.49% 4.752%
60 mo.4.99% 5.205%
72 mo.5.10% 5.282%

Motorhomes, Campers, 5th Wheels and Travel Trailers

Motorhomes, Campers, 5th Wheels & Travel TrailersInterest RateAPR*
72 mo.5.25% 5.428%
120 mo.5.74%5.854%
144 mo.6.24% 6.339%
180 mo.6.49%6.544%


Marine  Interest RateAPR*
72 mo.5.25%5.428%
120 mo.5.74%5.854%
144 mo.6.24%6.339%
180 mo.6.49% 6.544%

*APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate
Interest rates subject to change

Interest rates disclosed are our very best interest rates to our most credit worthy customers. Your interest rate may be higher than advertised, depending on your credit history. We offer a .25% interest rate reduction for automatic payment from a Dart Bank account on all loans except VISA and Mortgages. APR includes the affects of an $125.00 processing fee.

Additional types of loans are available to meet your financing needs. Please call us for interest rates on the following types of loans:

  • Home Equity Line of Credit
  • Boats and RVs
  • Specialty Vehicles
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Second Mortgages
  • Home Improvement
  • Personal
  • CD Secured
  • Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

For more information on consumer loans, please call us at (517) 676-3661.

Personal Certificates – Regular & IRA

Effective Date: March 19, 2020
Interest rates subject to change

Fixed Interest Rate Certificates

Fixed Interest Rate$500 Minimum Deposit to OpenAPY*
3 Months0.25%0.25%
6 Months0.50%0.50%
12 Months0.75%0.75%
24 Months1.00%1.00%
36 Months1.00%1.00%
48 Months1.00%1.00%
60 Months1.00%1.00%

Other Certificates

Other CDs APY*
College CD
- Term 1 to 18 years
- Minimum to open $100
- Index Chase prime minus 2.75%
(APY is based on an opening of $100 and term of 12 months)
18 Month IRA Variable
- Interest Floor is current statement savings interest rate
- minimum deposit to open $25.00
- Index - 4-week average 24-month T-note rate rounded to nearest 1/10th, minus 0.50%
(The interest rate may change after the account is open)

*APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield
Interest rates are subject to change

Fees may reduce earnings

Substantial penalty for early withdrawal.
A penalty of $25.00 plus 90 days simple interest for any term up to and including twelve months.
A penalty of $25.00 plus 180 days simple interest for any term over twelve months.

Current Dart Bank Personal & Business Fees

Effective as of: January 7, 2018

Electronic Banking

Electronic BankingFee
Dart Express Net Internet BankingFree
Dart Express Net Bill Pay Plus - PersonalFree
Dart Express Net Bill Pay Plus - Business$6.95
DartDirect Phone BankingFree
First ATM/Debit cardFree
ATM Charge
(for using a foreign ATM; withdrawals only)
Reissue ATM/ Debit card$5.00
Reissue ATM/ Debit card PIN$5.00
ACH NSF$31.00

Checking and Savings Accounts

Checking and Savings AccountsFee
Bounce paid item charge (per item)$31.00
NSF paid item charge (per item)$31.00
NSF returned item charge (each)$31.00
Overdraft accrual charge (after 15 days)(business days only)$5.00
Sweep transaction charge$5.00 per transfer
Stop payment$33.00
Counter checks/Temporary checks$0.50
Early closing (within 180 days)$30.00
Statement copy$5.00
Special statement$5.00
Special statement with checks$8.00
Copy of statement (sent to alternate address)$5.00
Check copy (photocopy-after first 6 per yr. pre-Nov. 2000)$1.00 per page

Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous FeesFee
Cashier checks - Customer$5.00
Cashier checks - Non-customer$7.00
Money orders - Customer$3.00
Money orders - Non-customer$5.00
Wire transfers - Outgoing$25.00
Wire transfers - Incoming for deposit$10.00
Wire transfers - Incoming for pickup$25.00
Loose coin counting - Customer
(if opening an account - free)
5% / $5.00 min
Loose coin counting - Non-customer
(if opening an account - free)
5% / $5.00 min
Notary services - Customer$0.00
Notary services - Non-customer$2.00
Check cashing - Customer$0.00
Check cashing - Non-customer1.5% of check / $10.00 min
Research - per hour
(plus cost of copies) (minimum $10.00)
Account balancing - per hour
(minimum $10.00)
Account activity inquiry$1.00
Chargeback item$10.00
Telephone transfers (manual)$5.00
Telephone transfers (DARTdirect)Free
Internet transfers (Dart Express Net)Free
Dormant fee (per month of inactivity after 18 months)$5.00
Collection item - Incoming
(plus fees of other institutions)
Collection item - Outgoing
(plus fees of other institutions)