Investing FAQs

Q: Is Dart Financial Corporation (DFC) traded on an exchange?

A: Our stock is privately held and all trades take place within DFC by our Investor Relations Representative.   Your dollars are invested locally.

Q: Is there a minimum number of shares that I have to purchase?

A: Minimum number of 50 shares at the current FMV.

Q: What is the cost for trades of DFC stock?

A: Currently we do not charge for trades of DFC stock if held at DFC. Part of the many benefits of investing locally. If handled through a broker there could be a charge through a brokerage arrangement.

Q: Does DFC pay a dividend?

A: Currently DFC pays quarterly dividends to its shareholders. We have had a strong history of paying dividends. We have increased the payout twice the past 5 years. As of 2018 the dividend is .23 per share.

Q: Does DFC offer a Dividend Reinvestment Program?

A: DFC offers a reinvestment program, where your dividends can be used to purchase additional shares and enhance holdings by investing 25, 50, 75 or 100 percent of the dividends.

Q: Can I hold DFC Stock in my IRA?

A: We offer a Self-Directed IRA where DFC shares only may be held through Dart Bank.

Q: May I sell my DFC shares?

A: This is generally looked at as a long term investment and is not a stock typically looked at as a short term gain. If an investor of Dart Financial Corporation wishes to sell shares, this transaction will take place through the help of our trading desk at a price decided by the shareholder.

Q: How can I request additional information on being an owner of Dart Financial Corporation?

A: Contact Susan Zivic at or (517) 883-9205