Ted Bogert

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Ted Bogert has been in the people business for over 25 years. While working in the insurance, mortgage and real estate industries, Ted has helped professionals, business owners and families marshal their resources and protect their assets.

In 2017, Ted launched the eponymous Facebook Live program, “The Ted Show!”. Community leaders, innovators, influencers, motivators, philanthropists and creators have all told their stories on Ted’s show. He is also the co-creator of Ted’s Community, an innovative startup and mentoring platform, as well as a traveling speaker and emcee for a growing variety of organizations and conferences.

Ted believes in giving back to the Central Florida community, and is involved in many wonderful organizations like the Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals, Harbor House, Special Olympics, UNICEF, The Lifeboat Project and BASE Camp. He currently resides in Orlando with his college sweetheart, three beautiful children, and one grandson.