FAQ New Checking Accounts

New Account Frequentely Asked Questions:

Q.   Why is my account changing? 

A.    For some time we have wanted to offer our customer better account options, that would be able to give them rewards and benefits.  We hope
you will like our new account options that we have to offer.

Q.  What happens if I don’t have a computer to receive e-statements?

A.   Please come to one of our bank lobbies, we have iPads or customer computers in each of our locations.   If you have our mobile app, you can
view statements on it for up to 18 months. Local libraries have computers for public use as well.

Q.  What if I don’t want e-statements?

A.   If the Simple account is your best option of the three new accounts, you can still receive a statement for a $5.00 monthly fee.   If you
qualify for the Advantage and/or Premium accounts, e-statements are not required.   We hope you will consider e-statements anyway and help our

Q.   Do I have to switch my account?

A.   If you currently have a Freedom Checking account, Regular Checking account, or a Workplace Advantage account, you will need to switch to one of our
new accounts we are offering.   The letter you received after April 14th  indicated the account we feel best suits your needs based on
account activity, but you have the option to choose any of the 5 accounts we will be offering –  Simple, Advantage, Premium, On the Move or Senior Advantage

Q.  When will this take effect?

A.   Accounts will automatically switch on July 3rd.   If you would like to take advantage of the new rewards and benefits of the
Advantage and Premium accounts prior to that date, we can get you started right away!   

Q.  What will I need to do?

A.   We will automatically switch you to the account we mention in the letter you received dated April 14th.   If you would like to
switch to a different account, you will need to call and talk with one of our Personal Bankers to get you into the account of your choice.   We have done
our best, based on your account activity, to place you in the account we thought was best for you based on your account activity.

Q.   Isn’t direct deposit hard to set up?  What are my options to set this up?

A.    We can help you with this!   We can fill out a
Request to Transfer Direct Deposit Letter
change form to get you started.

Q.   I am a senior what can I do?

 A.  The Senior Advantage checking account is NOT going away.  You must be 62+ to be eligible for this account. 

Q.  I am a student, is there an account for me?

A.  Yes!   The On the Move checking account is still being offered and has many advantages for a young adult between the ages of 18-25 – best
part; you don’t need to be a student!

Q.  How are the rewards “paid”?

A.  In the Advantage account, once you meet either the minimum balance requirement or received account credits in the amount of $8.00, you will receive $.10 per
POS signature based debit transaction you make during that statement cycle.   These will be “rewarded” when your statement is produced and
documented on your monthly statement.

Q.  What will the Bounce Protection Limits be on the new accounts?

A.   Simple and Advantage will have a $600.00 bounce protection level available

       Premium will have a $1,000.00 bounce protection level available.

Q.  How do I switch to a different account type?

A.  That’s easy, if the account that best suits your needs is the one that is suggested in the letter dated April 14, 2017, you will not need to do a
thing.  The “switch” will take place on July 3rd.   If you decide on a different option than the letter suggested, you can
call or come in and talk with one of our Personal Bankers and we will help you get switched right away.

Q.  How is the interest paid on the Premium Account?

A.  You will earn interest on your daily balance regardless if you meet the minimum or relationship balances.  You will however, still get the $20.00
service fee if one of those two requirements is not met.   The will be credited at the time your monthly statement is produced, and the amount will be
reflected on your monthly statement.

Q.  What qualifies as a “relationship” in the Premium Account of $35,000.00?

A.   The relationship balance is met when either your Loan Balances, Certificate of Deposit Balances, or Savings Balances have an independent accumulative
balance of $35,000.00 or more on the day your statement is produced.   (A combination of balances between the three does not qualify).   Hi-Fi
Accounts are not considered savings accounts because of the check writing availability.

Q.  What will the interest rate be on the Premium Account?  

A.  The interest rate will be competitive and fluctuate based on the current interest rate environment. 

Q.  What if I don’t qualify to receive all of my service charge refunded, will my statement tell me why? 

A.   Yes, your statement will detail your service charge and any credits you have earned to offset it.

Q.  Will my statement cut at the same time as the previous account type?

A.   Yes, your statements will cut off at the same time of the month as always.

Q.   When will service charges go into effect?

A.   You will have until your first statement cutoff after July 3rd to get signed up for e-statements, direct deposits, etc.   Once
you have a statement cutoff after July 3rd, your next statement will reflect the new account requirements.

Q.  What type of check qualifies for “free”?

A.   Safety Paper checks only.  If you want something more than that, you will be charged for the difference.