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Stimulus Package Information

Stimulus Package Information To check the status of your Stimulus Package from the US Government please visit the link below. Stimulus Package If you have any questions regarding your stimulus aid and your Dart Bank account please call us at 517-676-3661.

Holiday Traveling with Personal Internet-Enabled Devices

Know the risks Your smart phone, tablet, or other device is a full-fledged computer. It is susceptible to risks inherent in online transactions. When shopping, banking, or sharing personal information online, take the same precautions with your smart phone or other device that you do with your personal computer — and then some. The mobile

Mobile Wallet

You can also find out how to upload your card to your phone here:

Loan Pay Additional Payments Now Accepted

Fraud Robocalls Threatening Arrest

Robocalls Threatening Arrest In the news: A Michigan consumer recently received:  “From the headquarters which will get expired in next 24 working hours. And once it get expired after that you will be taken under custody by the local cops as there are four serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment. We request you

Bill Pay Plus Upgrade Announcement

For more information on our new Bill Pay Plus please view the following Links: Consumer Demo: Consumer FAQ:   Business Get Started Guide:   Business FAQ:

Win A Kindle Fire HD

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Banking on Business

Small businesses are crucial to our economy, and  Dart Bank  and FOX 47 are proud to put them in the spotlight! Nominate your small business below to be featured in a :60 Banking on Business segment on FOX 47 and 

Escrow Analysis Frequently Asked Questions

Escrow Analysis Frequently Asked Questions Q. What is an escrow account? An escrow account is a fund set up on the borrower’s behalf to pay any property taxes, insurance, and/or mortgage insurance. The funds are held in a separate account, and the money is never used by the bank for anything other than to pay