When To Renovate and When To Move

When to Renovate and When to Move

If you ever find yourself weighing whether to renovate your home or move, we have a few tips to help with your decision.

How do you decide whether to renovate or move?

Start with finding your “why” behind wanting to renovate your house or sell it. Maybe you need a larger home office space, or wish to live in a more convenient location. Ask yourself which option will best address your situation.

What costs should you consider when deciding to renovate or move?

Cost is a major factor in determining what to do. Decide which renovations will make it most comfortable for you to stay in your current house. Add up the projected costs and compare them with the price of a different costs and the associated moving expenses.

Also consider how much value renovations could add to your current home. You may find your home improvements lead to a selling higher price and attract more potential buyers.


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