Small Business Data Tips

Your data, intellectual property, and other sensitive information is what your organization is built on. As such, it is an essential element of your organization’s Culture of Cyber Readiness.

For Leaders
Make backups and avoid loss of information critical to operations.

Even the best security measures can be circumvented with a patient sophisticated adversary. Learn to protect your information where it is stored, processed, and transmitted.

Have a contingency plan, which generally stats with being able to recover systems, networks and data from known, accurate backups.

For IT Professionals and Service Providers
For this Essential Element, organizations living the Culture of Cyber Readiness have undertaken these Essential Actions:

Learned what information resides on their network. Maintained inventories of critical or sensitive information.
Established regular automated backups and redundancies of key systems.
Learned how their data is protected.
Leveraged malware protection capabilities.
Leveraged protections for backups, including physical security, encryption and offline copies.
Learned what is happening on their network. Managed network and perimeter components, host and device components, data-at-rest and in-transit, and user behavior activities.

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