Saving Money Around the Holidays

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year but can be difficult on your wallet. Follow these tips to stay on top of your debt this holiday season.

• Make a budget and set a reasonable number to spend.
Instead of making a list of what you need to buy, set your total budget and make spending decisions based off how much you can afford. Armed with your budget, make a list of all the people you want to buy for, then go over the list and decide how much you can spend on each. If you do not have enough money to cover your holiday budget? Go through it again and cut names or amounts.
• Track your Spending
Your budget does no good if you do not effectively track your spending. Many Banks offer dedicated Christmas accounts that can help you save funds throughout the year. This can make it easier to separate holiday spending from regular, monthly expenses.

By saving and spending wisely, your holiday season does not have to be a total budget-buster. Follow the lead of your budget and try trimming your expenditures without sacrificing any of the holiday season joy.