Todd Murawski

Todd Murawski professional headshot.

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With over 23 years of dedicated experience in the mortgage industry, Todd Murawski consistently ranks within the top 1% of mortgage originators, according to Mortgage Executive Magazine. With financial expertise, client-centered service, and unwavering commitment, he’s established himself as a trusted industry expert.

Over time, Todd Murawski adapts to market changes, exceeding clients’ evolving needs amidst fluctuating economic cycles. Success, both his and his clients, stems from his deep financial market understanding, proactive approach to industry changes, and passion. Mortgage lending is not just his profession; it’s a lifelong commitment to empowering individuals with the keys to their dream homes.

Additionally, Trisha Bourdeau, his assistant of nine years, brings a wealth of expertise to their team. Her dedication to teamwork drives the team’s success, ensuring seamless and effective mortgage solutions for all clients through collective efforts.

On a personal note, he resides in Metamora, MI, with his wife, Kim, and cherishes the time spent with his five children. He also enjoys spending time outdoors, coaching, and playing sports.

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