Mortgage Postcard Fraud

This Postcard is fraudulent and is Not from Dart Bank

we recently have seen an increase in fraudulent postcards. These postcards are not from Dart Bank. If you receive a postcard like this, It is a scam and do not call the number!

Be alert for these red flags:

There’s no clear indication who the postcard is from.
The small print may indicate that the information is provided by H.W.C., Home Warranty Corporation, Mortgage Recovery Services, or another business that is neither affiliated with, nor sponsored by, Dart Bank.
A Mortgage ID number is displayed and does not match your Dart Bank Mortgage ID number.
The phone number displayed does not match Dart Banks phone number: 517.676.3669
You receive information about your mortgage via a postcard instead of a sealed first-class letter.

If you have received a postcard and have called, please call us at 517.676.3669 and we can help.