Board of Directors

John O. Grettenberger, Jr.

President & Chief Executive Officer and Co Owner of LorAnn Oils, Inc.

Chairman of Board of Directors-Dart Financial Corporation. (2007)


Melanie S. Dart 

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

Secretary and Treasurer of Dart Financial Corporation. (1991)


Kira M. Carter Robertson 

Sr. Vice President, Regional Hospitals, Sparrow Health System. (2011)


 Mark Henne 

Owner of Mark Henne Environmental, LLC. (2007)


Peter A. Kubacki

Retired Chief Executive Officer of Dart Bank and Dart Financial Corporation. (2007)


Blake Mulder 

Co-owner local A & W Restaurants and Public Service. (2007)


Eric J. Brogan 

Principal of Brogan. Investments and Insurance. (2018)


Michelle F. Gallagher 

CPA and Principal of Gallagher, Flintoff & Klein, PLC (2018)


William J. Hufnagel

President and CEO of Dart Bank and Dart Financial Corporation(2014)