Combined Statements

Exciting news!! We are now able to offer combined statements for our customers! Checking, Savings, CDs and loans are able to be combined on one monthly statement.

Combined Statement FAQs

What accounts can be on a combined statement?
Checking, Savings, CD and Loans

Does the same person have to be primary on each account?
No. Accounts where the customer is joint can be added to their combined statement.

Can you have more than one checking account combined?
It is not recommended that we combine more than one checking account on a statement for business accounts since your images will be commingled on the statement.

Will the statement cut-off date change?
Yes. All accounts on a combined statement will cut at the end of the month.

Will the customer see their statement combine immediately?
It may take one cycle before you see your statement fully combined depending on when your last statement cut.

How will loans look on a combined statement?
You will not see loan transaction history, just your balance in the “Summary of Accounts”

Will history show on the statement for CDs?
Yes. Customers will now see this information on their combined statement.