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Cash Management

Now you can find out your business’ cash position right away. Dart Express Net Cash Management puts fast, real-time financial control in your hands. While making your company’s cash work harder, Dart Express Net Cash Management can also make your job easier. Initiating transactions will take a fraction of the time you may be spending now.

Or you can delegate tasks to your staff, with the confidence that their access and abilities will be restricted as you specify. Equipped with this integrated suite of financial tools and 24 x 7 account access, you’ll be able to manage your cash flow more efficiently and effectively. It’s a new age of control, convenience, and security for businesses like yours.

Key Account Features/Benefits

Our Dart Express Net Cash Management Product Offers You The Ability To:

  • Review account information
  • Set up automatic email alerts
  • Move funds between accounts via book transfers
  • Initiate wire transfers & set up future & reoccurring ACH payments
  • Concentrate and disburse funds via ACH
  • Originate payroll via ACH
  • Reconcile your accounts
  • Place stop payments
  • Export a file of your transactions to Microsoft Money® or Quickbooks® and download the information into an Excel or Word format
  • Provide different functionality to different staff members, and control the accounts and services they may access
  • Access to customized reports

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