New Drive-Thru

New Dart Bank Drive-Thru Helpful Hints


  • Enter the Drive-Thru from Ash Street and follow the signs to access the Drive-Thru.
  • Pull as close to the machine as possible
  • Touch the screen to begin speaking with a Personal Banker.
  • Inform the Personal Banker what you would like to do. (Deposit, Cash Check, Etc..)
  • You don’t need to have a deposit slip! We would be happy to look up your account if necessary.
  • If you have a deposit slip, you will need to place this in the dispenser in the lower left slot once it blinks first.
  • After the deposit slip is processed, you will be asked to insert your checks or cash into the same slot to the lower left.
  • The ITM can accept up to 20 checks or 20 bills at a time
  • If you have cash and checks, insert the checks first.
  • Insert your checks and cash separately.
  • Make sure you sign all of your checks before depositing!!
  • Keep the checks and bills straight and neat for better results.
  • If you are disconnected from the Personal Banker, simply touch the screen to reconnect.

ITMs can also be used as cash-dispensing ATMs but dispense 50’s instead of 20’s. If you would like different denominations, simply touch the screen and request the
cash the way you want it from our Personal Bankers. If you want 20’s you can also use the ATM on the left side of the Drive-Thru.

If you have not experienced an ITM before, both our Mason and Frandor offices will be happy to show you how they work before you visit the new Drive-Thru. One of the
cool design features of the new building is to replicate the butterfly roof shape over the drive-in lanes imitating the existing design.